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Young Enterprise Success for Malvern St James

Published by Malvern St James Girls' School on Monday 13th of April 2015

Since the beginning of the Spring Term the MSJ Young Enterprise teams have been working hard to prepare for the Worcester Trade Fair at the end of February, developing a range of exciting products - Blazerz with their innovative Swedish Fire Log, Fortis continued to develop and perfect their slate products and Infinity delved into the world of scent with their Scented Reed Diffusers. They had a busy day on the High Street being interviewed by a panel of four judges and most importantly selling to the public! After seven long hours, the girls were happy to escape the cold, seeking the refuge of the bus, with a lot less product to worry about and pockets heavy from their revenue!

Companies then had to start writing their ten page business report, which was due in the following week, making the skills of delegation and time management extremely important! Blazerz and Infinity took to the streets of Stratford at the National Young Enterprise Trade Fair on March 14, where they were able to continue their sales, even convincing some fellow YE companies to purchase products from them!

Just as in the real world of business, the YE companies had very little time to rest. Next on the agenda was preparing a four minute presentation, summarising their YE journey so far, including topics such as Teamwork and Communication, Finance, Marketing and Problem Solving. The Malvern Small Business Forum kindly invited the girls to one of their meetings on March 17, allowing the teams to practise their presentation in front of an audience and receive some invaluable feedback from local business men and women, about both their products and their presentations. This helped the companies get ready for the South Worcestershire Presentation Evening on March 24, which was held at Morgan Motors. There they were up against eleven other companies (14 companies in South Worcestershire in total) from schools such as The Chase and King's. The MSJ companies did extremely well with clear, concise presentations, which let their pride about what they have achieved show through.

The Finance Directors from Fortis, Jenny Elsey, Carlie Lin and Becky Zhang, won Best Finance Director in South Worcestershire. Nadia Ahmad Rizland and Christy Kwok, from Infinity, were shortlisted for Best Managing Directors. Infinity received the prize for the Best Trade Stand in South Worcestershire, as judged in the Worcester Trade Fair at the end of February. Finally, Infinity was one of four companies to be selected to move forward to the next stage of the competition! They will present at the Hereford and Worcester Presentation evening on May 5.

Well done to everyone involved this year and best of luck to Infinity!
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