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Grade four students get ready to govern

Published Thursday 28th of May 2015 01:49:10 PM

Ahead of the recent election, students aged 9-10 years at ACS Egham International School visited the Houses of Parliament.

The students were given a guided tour of Parliament and took part in a workshop where they created a bill and went through the democratic process of seeing it become a law.

The students had been learning about different government systems and their effect on the human rights and social justice of its citizens.

The UK government was used as a model of how governments can function and students also learnt about the process of transforming bills into laws, becoming an MP, and supporting constituents.

Carol Milner, Grade Four Teacher, commented:

'The trip was extremely productive and very timely with the election also taking place at the same time.

'The children really came away with an understanding of how a constitutional monarchy operates.'
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