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A sleepover in the library

Published Monday 29th of June 2015 05:06:55 PM

Grade 3 students, aged 8-9 years, from ACS Egham recently enjoyed an end of term sleepover with a difference - in the Lower School library. Straight after school, the 38 students gathered together to play outdoor games around the school followed by a BBQ, hot chocolate, and time to read. Outdoor games encouraged students to work together. Students negotiated an obstacle course, while blindfolded, with their peers on the side-lines calling out directions to them, to build trust and teamwork skills. They also took part in a marshmallow build, where students competed to build structures out of marshmallows and cocktail sticks to encourage skills in collaboration and sportsmanship. The library was re-arranged especially for the sleepover. Tables and chairs were removed and thick PE mats made a cushioned floor and homely atmosphere. Suzanne McCluskey, Lower School Teacher Librarian, commented: “This the first time we’ve held a sleepover in the library, but it was the perfect way for the students to spend time together as a group outside normal school hours, and was a wonderful way to celebrate the end of the school year, together. “The sleepover also gave students an opportunity to experience staying away from home before the Grade 4 camp next year. Many students in Grade 2 have already mentioned that the event they’re most looking forward to at school next year is the sleepover, so we fully intend to repeat it for them.” Kashish Varma Das, a student who attended the event, commented: "All the teachers put in a lot of hard work and the library was set out in a lovely way for us."
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