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Stellar results for Mayfield’s scientists and artists at GCSE as girls maintain excellent standards

Published Wednesday 2nd of September 2015 01:07:14 PM

Another set of outstanding science results confirms that Mayfield is the best place to be if you are interested in science, with almost 90% of Chemistry, Biology and Physics papers graded as A*/A, matching the success enjoyed by A level candidates. Reassuringly, similarly impressive results in a range of subjects from Geography (90%) and Music (100% A*/A) with French, Ceramics, History, Drama, Maths and Further Maths all achieving well over 80% A*/A confirm the benefits of a balanced, holistic approach to education. All girls are expected to study 3 sciences, at least one language and RS as well as Maths and English, with the choice of an additional 3 subjects. As usual, those Mathematicians who sat their GCSE early took the Further Maths GCSE level course. One third were graded at A* with Distinction (A^), indicating exceptional achievement at a level higher than A*. Twins Naomi and Rebecca Snow achieved 22 A* and 2As grades between them, while Naomi gained more A*, Rebecca achieved A* with Distinction in Further Maths. Martha Gabriel justly deserved her 11 A*s as did Regina Lai her 8 A* grades with an A* with Distinction for Further Maths and 2 further As. Also to be congratulated are Funmi Ademuwagun [9A* 2A, B] Alice Sikorski [9 A* 2A] Darcie Gomer and Ella Holroyd [8A* 4A] Caitlyn Stone [7A* 4A] Emily Cantwell-Kelly and Perdita Knight [7A* 3A, B] Sammi Cheuk and Temi Fagbemi [6A* 5A, B]. In addition Alex Bowen, Emily Lao and Coral Man achieved straight A*/A and over one third of all girls achieved 9 A*/A and two thirds of the year achieving 5 A*/A. Mrs Sharon Rothero, Mayfield’s Head of Middle School, comments: “We are delighted that the hard work the girls have put into their studies over the course of the last two years has been rewarded by excellent results. This year group has had an excellent work ethic and have also been great fun to work with. It is particularly pleasing that so many girls have exceeded themselves in subjects that they have previously found difficult - and they should be thrilled.” Miss Antonia Beary, Mayfield’s Headmistress, comments: “We are delighted by another year of outstanding GCSE results in all subjects at Mayfield: for the year group and also for specific individuals. These results prove that in the right atmosphere, with appropriate challenge and support, girls can be as successful at science and maths as they are at languages, or creative arts. These girls have an outstanding academic foundation on which to build, and are able to choose from a wide range of subjectsc to make the right choices for A level. Mayfield has a proud history of producing scientists, innovators and artists: young women who are able to respond positively and cheerfully to the challenges of a global community. We are all looking forward to them making their mark on the Sixth Form and we have high hopes for them in the future.”
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