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Learning with Lego at ACS Hillingdon

Published Friday 18th of September 2015 01:11:20 PM

Over 150 ACS Hillingdon students recently combined their creativity and ingenuity to create a miniature Lego town, complete with homes, shops and hotels. Using thousands of Lego bricks, the six to 10 year-olds worked in two groups to form the structure, which involved planning, designing and building stages. During the process, students explored how to physically bring their creative concepts to life in a structured way. The Lego Day required problem solving, team building and creativity; students worked out how to build structures that were strong and sturdy whilst brainstorming the different types of buildings and facilities a town needs, and where to position them. Beyond houses and flats, students also built emergency services buildings, shops, garages, hotels and schools. As part of the creative challenge, students were also asked to personalise their basic structures, adding fencing, flowers, trees, traffic lights and vehicles, to indicate their function in the town. Sue Wakefield-Gray, Lower School IT Integrationist, commented: “Lego Day is a fantastic way for children to learn more about designing and building, as well as collaborating and problem solving with their peers. “It was lovely to see them inventing and creating the town from their own imaginations and creative ideas.”
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