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Year 11 Parent

Published Tuesday 22nd of September 2015 02:58:20 PM

Dear Mrs Sellers Now that the exams for W are finally over, and he can relax a little, we thought it would be an opportune time to send you a letter thanking you for the wonderful experience that W has had whilst at The Gregg School. He has had some super teachers who all have appreciated his kind nature and helped him to fulfil his potential at the School. We were so pleased when he was made a prefect and mentor, and we are sure that has in turn helped him to grow in confidence as well as providing a sense of responsibility. We saw this all come to the fore in the recent wonderful production of Beauty and the Beast, and we were so pleased that he performed so well, and that he enjoyed the whole experience so much. We feel that the best thing about The Gregg School is the way that every child, regardless of ability or personality is nurtured and cared for whilst at the School. You and your staff have made a huge impact in W’s life; he has developed into a confident and happy young man and we have no doubt the values and approach to life so endemic in the fabric of The Gregg will be carried with W throughout his life. We will always be grateful for everything that your School has done for our son, and we hope that other parents will enjoy the same experience for many years to come. We shall be very sad to not be a part of the Gregg family from now on, as W is, and we hope that the School continues to go from strength to strength.

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