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Published Tuesday 22nd of September 2015 02:59:25 PM

Dear Mrs Sellers So that’s it then, all done, both girls got their `education, education, education`… no more Gregg School after eight years of school musicals, house dance competitions, speech days, parent/teacher evenings and sneaking visits to the Gertrude Jekyll garden. Yes, we are going to miss the place even if the girls don’t (just yet). Inevitably we ask ourselves, was it worth it? Did the girls receive a better education by going private? Were the difficult financial commitments we made a sensible decision when the state provides the same for free? Ultimately did S and G get better exam grades than they would have otherwise… I don’t imagine that we can ever really know for sure the answer to these questions. For all we know they may have received identical exam results from our local state school and we could have saved a small fortune. One can only assess these past eight years on feelings and impressions as we’ll never know how they may have fared otherwise, and from our very first open day visit as prospective parents those feelings and impressions have been never less than entirely positive. The only questions that are relevant to us are; do we regret sending S and G to a private fee-paying school (no, not for a moment), do we regret choosing The Gregg over other similar schools (same answer), would we always have wondered `what if` had we chosen the local state school (I rather think so). We are delighted to have been part of The Gregg School these past eight years. You have a fine establishment there which has always struck just the right balance with all of the competing tasks that are required of a successful school and we thank you for doing an outstanding job on S and G.

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