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Year 8 Parent

Published Tuesday 22nd of September 2015 03:20:03 PM

M has had a wonderful year. She is the bright, beautiful and confident child I saw entering school at 4-years-old. Through her primary years she was bullied terribly. When I stood up for her through the school head, both the teachers and head and I, successfully tackled the issue but it took a long time and M was a shadow of herself. Things got so bad for M that she became very depressed. When I chose The Gregg, I did so on the recommendation from some very trusted friends. I was very worried at the start of the new school year that M would be too scared to trust people again because she had little trust left in others. I am typing this email with tears of joy in my eyes because your school has given my little girl her smile again. No amount of wealth in the world could equate to the joy of seeing M so happy and contented. Everyone has contributed to giving this little girl her sense of self-worth.

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