Badington House School

Year 11 Parent

Published Tuesday 22nd of September 2015 03:21:08 PM

I am writing to you to say thank you, I really enjoyed Speech Day yesterday. Having seen A and R through two previous schools and at both had the privilege of sitting through school events such as these, I can honestly say that none have gone so far in recognising the contributions and achievements of all their pupils. I thought the pen profiles of the year 11 students were done very well and reflected on all of them not only as individuals but for what they brought to, and how they would be remembered by, the School. These tributes were delivered very positively (and amusingly) whether they were at the top of their year in exam performance or not. This was a pleasure to see and I believe this is what really sets the Gregg School aside from its peers. The ability to recognise every child as an individual through not only your beliefs but more importantly your actions and teaching style. So many schools speak of this ambition, so few actually achieve it.

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