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Published Monday 12th of October 2015 02:55:22 PM

Raising money for national and international charities is an activity to which we attach great importance at Upton House in Windsor. All 280 pupils become actively involved one way or another, starting as young as three, with the sponsored pedal push for the Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice, up to Form 6’s House Sales for various charities, including, this year, ‘Why Water?’ and the WWF. Following our annual Christmas nativity play and our regular drama productions and light entertainment shows, collections are taken for those affected by natural disasters, such as the floods in Pakistan, and the War Zones Disaster Appeals. We have a Form 6 charity rep who, with the School Council, discusses sponsorship, fundraising ideas and initiatives for the forthcoming year, as well as for more short-term crises. This term we had a sponsored Walkathon. The two and three year olds started the morning by walking round the netball court to the sound of ‘Happy Feet’. This was followed by the rest of the school who took in in turns to walk laps. In total the children walked over 170 miles, with each child averaging 23 laps overall. The total money raised by the Walkathon was £6,518.00 and this went to Unicef for the Nepal Earthquate Appeal. An amazing amount of money. Helping others less fortunate than ourselves is an important element of the school’s ethos and is a vital part of our educational programme. Madeleine Collins, Headmistress

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