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Oyez oyez, oyez!

Published Tuesday 13th of October 2015 12:17:50 PM

Oyez, oyez, oyez! Warwick School students received a public news announcement in true historical style last Friday, 9 October. All the boys gathered at the school to hear the annual address from the newly appointed Warwick Town Crier, Michael Reddy. The Town Crier requested that the Head Master grant permission for an extra week’s holiday at half term for the boys. This was greeted with huge cheers from the gathered pupils. Traditions at Warwick School are of particular importance and the invitation to the Town Crier is one that has been kept for many a year, dating back to at least 1912. In the middle ages a Town Crier would have been the main means of important news communication, announcing in public as many people couldn’t read or write. Michael Reddy collected money for the Warwick Mayor’s charity, which this year is a local charity called the Mat Davis Foundation for Terminal Cancer and £187.20 was raised.
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