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Sir Isaac Newton takes science class at King Edward's Witley!

Published Monday 16th of November 2015 11:18:18 AM

Science lessons will never be the same for year 7 and 8 pupils at King Edward’s Witley, as well as visiting year 6 and 7 pupils from Barrow Hills and other local prep and primary schools, after ‘Sir Isaac Newton’ paid a visit to the School to talk about his life and achievements! The Sir Isaac Newton workshop is a fast moving, hilarious but always informative one-man show written and directed by Johnny Ball and featuring actor and former science teacher David Hall (who has performed for the English Shakespeare Company, the BBC and The National Theatre). It represented an exciting new way of learning about science and the pioneering ‘Edutainment’ session certainly proved a complete hit with the audience who remained captivated for the entire 90 minutes. The ‘lesson’ included demonstrations (frequently using members of the audience) of many of Sir Isaac Newton’s ground breaking theories and discoveries, as well as alluding to the achievements of his forerunners including Archimedes, Kepler and Gallileo. Never before have pupils had so much fun covering topics such Fluxions, Telescopes, Rainbows, Prisms, Planetary orbits, Gravity, Forces and Motion and The Scientific Revolution! Commenting on the initiative, Headmaster John Attwater says, “The Science Lecture workshops have become a really popular fixture within our teaching programme and we are delighted to be able to share this exciting way of learning with pupils from schools in the local community. We know that science and technology are going to be key to the success of today’s children and the country as a whole in the future, and hope that making scientific learning fun and entertaining will inspire the next generation of Newtons, Curies and Hawkings to discoveries we haven’t even dreamed of yet.” - Ends -
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