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Students become archaeologists for the day at ACS Egham

Published Thursday 26th of November 2015 03:50:51 PM

Fifty two grade 6 students at ACS Egham International School channelled their inner Indiana Jones as they took part in Dig Day. During Dig Day, an archaeology themed project, students put their teamworking skills and imagination to use to create their very own archaeological site. Students worked together to create artefacts to represent their own fictional civilisation and later buried them for their classmates to find. A part of the school grounds was transformed into an archaeological dig site where students honed their excavating skills as they dug for clues. Jason Zettler, Humanities teacher and Dig Day organiser, said, “Everyone had a great time learning how archaeologists uncover the past through the study of artefacts. “Dig Day was a fun and challenging introduction to the work of archaeologists for students, everyone enjoyed being able to get out of the classroom and get their hands dirty digging for clues.”
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