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Hazlegrove is excellent in all judgements - ISI Inspection 2015

Published Monday 30th of November 2015 10:39:53 AM

Hazlegrove was delighted that the school was declared to be excellent in all nine areas of judgement in the recent Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Inspection. These judgements were based on a significant body of evidence derived from lesson observations, scrutiny of pupils’ work, pupil and staff interviews, questionnaires and the scrutiny of pupil and staff records. As well as all the judgements being excellent, the Inspectors were also particularly complimentary about aspects of school life which are so important to all at Hazlegrove. Some of quotes from the report are particularly encouraging: •'The pastoral care of the pupils is exemplary.' •'Pupils have a strong moral compass, and their determination to be upstanding members of society both within the school community and beyond is evident. Their behaviour, courtesy, consideration and kindness towards each other, to new members of their community and to visitors are all exemplary.' •'Relationships between staff and pupils are exceptional.@ •'Their achievements in all subject areas are also of the highest order.' •'Teaching in the EYFS is excellent and staff thoroughly engage children in all activities. Adults have very high expectations, skilfully motivate children to learn and encourage them to explore.' •'Boarders are confident and exuberant in their appreciation of boarding at the school.' Headmaster Richard Fenwick says, “Receiving such a positive report will not however, cause us to rest on our laurels.” Indeed, the report itself states: ‘The drive to improve means that complacency does not occur in the pursuit of excellence’. The inspection which took place in September was a full integrated inspection which covered all aspects of life at Hazlegrove including the provision for the Early Years Foundation Stage and boarding. Independent schools are subject to regular inspection by the ISI and there are many aspects to an inspection including compliance to regulations and quality of provision within the school. The Hazlegrove ISI Inspection Report can be viewed via the school’s website and printed copies are available on request from the Hazlegrove School Office Tel: 01963 440314.
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