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Published Friday 15th of January 2016 12:16:57 PM

Dean Close was the first school we viewed for our eldest daughter at year 7 entry and we were left with an indelible impression of a happy, balanced community where she would thrive. Having viewed a myriad of other highly-regarded schools, we could not replicate our strong ‘gut feeling’ and ended up back where we started! Four years later, with experience of both Senior and Prep Schools (our younger daughter is now at DCPS), our opinion has only been strengthened in the school’s ability to build confidence, offer remarkable opportunities and genuinely educate both our, very different, girls as individuals. We are consistently impressed by the staff’s level of commitment to school life and, importantly, their open approach in discussing issues, no matter how small. Yes, the days are long and busy; unequivocally, the expectations are high both academically and in co-curricular terms but, as parents, we know our daughters will leave Dean Close as confident, well-rounded young women who will look back on their schooldays fondly.
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582 ACS Egham International School Open Day Medium
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