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Visit from UEA medical students - supported by the Royal College of Surgeons

Published Tuesday 17th of May 2011 10:24:52 AM

On Wednesday 4th May, three students in their third and fourth year of medical school at the UEA came to give a two hour workshop for Lower VI (Year12) and Upper V (Year 11) students. After brief introductions and explanations as to why they had chosen to study medicine and their plans for the future, the medical students showed a video of two surgical operations: one of a coronary heart bypass and another of brain surgery in which a large benign tumour was removed. These videos were both fascinating and slightly gory and had the whole group in awe.

After asking numerous questions about the surgeries and other procedures, we were introduced to suturing. We were shown how to make a simple suture on some synthetic skin. It seemed simple but, as many of us found out, it was not as easy as it looked. After failing a number of times, we finally got the hang of using the curved needles and were able to make a number of sutures. The workshop was informative and enjoyable for all and ended far too soon. I would recommend this to anyone interested in medicine as a future career. Rowan Landis (L6H)

Many thanks to the UEA students and particularly Emily Clarke, an ex student at the school, and also thanks to the Royal College of Surgeons for providing the equipment. Rowan is being modest. The suturing performed by the girls was excellent and 'better than most 4th year UEA medical students'. They also became proficient at a number of different stitches. When tested, their stitches were firm and secure and the medical students were most impressed. Ann McCourt
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