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Published Tuesday 19th of October 2010 03:16:15 PM

It's a huge step in any young person's life. Leaving the structure and regime of school life for the independence of the university environment can so unsettling. As parents, we worry. Will they find good friends and flatmates? Will they eat properly or stay up all night, surviving on a diet of ready meals and will they actually study? In short, can they adapt well to this new stage of their lives? Of course, if we could make it easier for them, we undoubtedly would.

Abbotsholme School recognised some years ago that there was a need for sixth formers to taste a little bit of independence before going off to university. With this in mind, they invested in a unique log cabin accommodation complex on campus, enabling the students to stretch their wings a little before embarking on further education. Each cabin accommodates six students of the same gender, each with their own private room. There's a large open plan, living room with a TV/DVD, comfortable sofas and two bathrooms per cabin. The kitchen boasts an oven, microwave and washing machine so that the pupils can do their own laundry and food preparation. They still have the option of eating in the school dining hall from time to time if they prefer, or if time is tight. And of course the cabins do have a housemaster or housemistress to provide gentle guidance throughout.
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