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Geographers wowed by beautiful Iceland

Published Friday 29th of April 2016 09:45:37 AM

Towards the end of the Easter holiday a group of Sixth Form Geographers had the privilege of visiting Iceland for an intense four days of awe, wonder and adventure. The girls visited the Blue Lagoon, took a walk through Reykjavik, and visited the ON Geothermal Power Station, glaciers and ice caves. Perhaps the highlight of the trip for the girls was the search for the Northern Lights. Ruby Kuzemko, Year 13, said: “Three monster trucks took us into the mountains in search of the Northern Lights. We travelled for about an hour before we came to a clear expanse of snow, we then waited for the sky to darken. Once it did, we stargazed for a while before we saw the first sign of the northern lights. We were ecstatic to have seen them, although they were weak, because the season for seeing them was coming to an end. It will be something all of us to remember for a lifetime as it was such a special experience.” To round off what can only be described as an amazing adventure the girls took a trip under the lava fields, into lava tubes – the spaces left by lave which flowed 1,500 years ago.
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