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Chafyn Grove School graded Excellent

Published Monday 9th of May 2016 02:33:41 PM

Chafyn Grove School graded Excellent The Summer Term has started very well for Chafyn Grove Prep School in Salisbury as it has coincided with the publication of an inspection report carried out by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (who visited in March 2016) that has given the school top marks for all areas of educational provision, standards and pastoral care. Well known for being highly successful academically, with regular scholarships to schools including Winchester, Canford and Marlborough, inspectors wrote that ‘The quality of pupils’ achievements and learning is excellent’ and is ‘supported by excellent teaching’. ‘Pupils of all abilities make rapid progress’. The report goes on to praise the ‘high levels of creativity in their artwork’, the ‘excellent achievement of pupils’ in sport and music and praised the ‘breadth of provision’ offered by the school. Chafyn has featured in national hockey finals in successive years, so this was a highlight, but fitness and healthy lifestyle was noted to be a feature of the school from Early Years to Year 8. The quality of pastoral care is ‘excellent’ and parents will be pleased to read that inspectors found the pupils to have ‘excellent moral development’ and to be ‘kind and considerate towards each other. Their behaviour around the school is exemplary.’ The boarding house also got top marks and might be summed up with the comment that ‘boarders flourish in the nurturing atmosphere and become confident, independent young people.’ September will see the arrival of the new Headmaster, Simon Head, and celebrations of Chafyn Grove’s centenary on 30th September to which all former pupils, staff and friends of the school are warmly invited. For further details please follow this link http://www.chafyngrove.co.uk/media/news/article/242/Inspection-Report
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