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Mayfield School Pupils delighted to assist at prestigious International Music Competition hosted at the School

Published Wednesday 11th of May 2016 10:10:16 AM

The first week of the Mayfield Festival of the Arts and Music has been an outstanding success, seeing a huge variety of performances from improvisation with Dominic Harlan to the Jubilee String Quartet, and on Saturday Savitri and Francis Grier made a return visit to Mayfield to deliver a breath-taking violin and piano concert in the beautiful Mayfield School Chapel. For the first time, the Festival has also incorporated one of the country’s leading music competitions, the Tunbridge Wells International Music Competition, which was hosted by Mayfield School. The competition, which has played an important role in the early careers of several internationally celebrated musicians, attracts young players of incredible, stellar talent, and the judges this year included Cristina Ortiz, Raphael Wallfisch and Andrew Marriner. The competition was held over five days, and culminated on Sunday 1st May in the awarding of the prestigious prize of overall winner to Amalia Hall from New Zealand, following her performance of Faure and Wieniaski. The School was delighted to be a part of the competition, providing its many superb musical venues for the competitors to perform in, including the fourteenth century Chapel and its recently refurbished Concert Hall, as well as supplying pupils for the nerve-wracking but vital role of page-turner for the competitors. In addition to the competition, the School gave a lunchtime concert of its own as part of the Festival. An audience member commented, “The standard of these girls is amazing – quite unbelievable.” Mayfield girls are also participating in a performance of ‘Vexations’ by Satie – and helping to round off events by singing the final concert on Sunday evening. Headmistress Antonia Beary commented: "We are hugely excited to be able to support the competition and the festival, not only because of the wonderful opportunities for our own girls, but also because of the role we’ve been able to play in opening the event up to the local community. We hope to have engaged as many people as possible, bringing our students together with children from local junior and senior schools, to enable them to seize a rare opportunity to witness world class talent here in our community." It goes deeper than simply appreciating high calibre musical performances: Mayfield School has a long history of supporting the Arts. Miss Beary explains: “Cornelia Connelly, who founded our school 150 years ago, was a firm believer in the importance of a wide-ranging and varied curriculum in order to produce balanced, well-rounded individuals. Accordingly, we place a great weight on nurturing creativity as much within the curriculum, as we do outside the classroom. From ceramics to chemistry, music to maths, we encourage our girls to be creative in all that they do."
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