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ACS Hillingdon students get hands on with Enigma machine

Published Monday 16th of May 2016 02:56:09 PM

ACS Hillingdon students, aged 9-13, were recently visited by Thomas Briggs, from the Bletchley Park Enigma Outreach programme. Mr Briggs brought along a genuine, working Enigma machine to the school. Enigma machines were used in World War II by the Nazis to encode military communications. Their complex method of encoding was eventually decrypted by first Polish, and later, British intelligence, at Bletchley Park. This has been the subject of much interest lately, not least following the movie ‘The Imitation Game’- in fact, the very machine used in the film was the one brought to ACS Hillingdon. The interactive workshop introduced codes and ciphers that have been used throughout history, explored Bletchley Park’s role in World War II, and culminated in a demonstration of the Enigma machine. Jeremy Williamson, Digital Literacy and Numeracy Teacher and visit coordinator, commented: “The Enigma machine visit was extremely interesting and relevant for all involved; Grade 6 has been studying Coding and Problem-Solving, and the Grade 7 History students have been studying WWII. There was very positive feedback, both from ACS Hillingdon students and staff, and from Thomas Briggs who was impressed with our students' knowledge and enthusiasm!”
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