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ACS Egham students craft comedic street theatre

Published Thursday 9th of June 2016 02:19:31 PM

Drama students at ACS Egham International School have been creating and performing their own multilingual street theatre this month, gathering audiences from across the school. As part of an interdisciplinary unit combining drama and languages, the 15 to 16-year-olds performed modern extracts of plays by the French comic, Moliere, around the school, acting in French, Spanish and English. The ACS Egham dramatists put what they have been learning about physical forms of comedy and wit into their performances, directing and designing their productions, as well as managing the tech aspects. Embracing the form of street theatre, students were required to gather their own audiences through dramatic presence and showmanship. Peers were invited to spectate during lunch breaks for some comic relief from summer exams. Sarah Garlick, Head of Theatre at ACS Egham, commented: “It was fantastic to see students take full control of these productions, especially with quite a difficult form of street theatre where they had to gather and manage their own audiences. Combining languages with drama is also a feat in itself – I’m very proud of everything the performers achieved.”
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