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Children at Barrow Hills plant, grow & learn with Squire's

Published Monday 13th of June 2016 03:19:29 PM

In the run up to the legendary Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, children at Barrow Hills were encouraged to develop their horticultural expertise, when they took part in a nursery garden project at the School in a joint venture with Squire’s Garden Centre in Milford. The budding young botanists learned basic ‘green finger’ skills such as planting seeds, how plants grow and how to look after them following the creation of their own special garden at the School. Assisted by children from Barrow Hills’ nursery and reception classes, Juliet Tomsett from Squire’s Garden Centre filled planters with a variety of flowers, tomatoes and herbs. Geraniums and Nemesia provided colour and scent and the herbs and tomatoes added a culinary educational value to the project. Ricky Bowness, Manager at Squires Garden Centre who masterminded the project said, “Most children enjoy being outdoors and love digging in the soil, getting dirty, creating things and watching plants grow. It gives them a chance to learn new skills, have fun and develop self confidence by tending plants.” Cordelia John, Nursery Assistant at Barrow Hills School, said, “Ricky wanted to create a rich learning environment for the children where learning about growing plants is fun. It is really thanks to him that this project came to fruition. Encouraging interest in gardening from an early age helps children learn the benefits of completing a task, as evidence of their hard work unfolds before their eyes. It’s a great way to promote hands-on learning, helping them to start to understand about environmental responsibility and to explore the workings of nature.”
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