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EU Referendum at Warwick School

Published Tuesday 21st of June 2016 03:11:17 PM

On Monday 20 June Warwick School hosted a Euro Debate, chaired by Sixth Former, Siddharth Basu. The event was attended by politics students from local schools, giving them an opportunity to listen to both sides of the argument and an insight as to whether they should vote to leave or remain in the European Union. Leaving the EU would be a big step - arguably far more important than who wins a general election - but would it set the nation free or condemn it to economic ruin? To remain in the EU was represented by Chris White MP and the former Conservative MEP for the West Midlands, Philip Bushill-Matthews. Brexit was represented by the West Midlands UKIP MEP, James Carver, and Manuel Bueno, Treasurer of Trade Unionists against the European Union. During an often heated, but always courteous debate, James Carver focused on the importance of democratic accountability and the recovery of British sovereignty, while Manuel Bueno, as an immigrant himself, argued that migrant labour posed the most risk to the low paid driving down wages thereby serving the interests of employers. In response Chris White emphasised the economic advantages that EU membership provided the whole community, while Philip Bushill-Matthews argued strongly that the EU’s democratic deficit was exaggerated and that the risks associated with leaving the EU were too great for Britain to be prepared to take such a “leap in the dark”. The evening culminated in Siddharth Basu thanking the panel for their contribution to the debate, while urging the audience to make sure they voted in this “once in a lifetime” referendum.
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