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Hazlegrove Year 8 pupils wow audiences with their production

Published Wednesday 13th of July 2016 04:51:22 PM

Hazlegrove Year 8 children wowed audiences with their final production “The Britz!” – a celebration of 400 years of British Theatre from Shakespeare to the current day. Somewhat different to the traditional musical productions which we have enjoyed in the past, “The Britz!” gave so many children the opportunity to share in the limelight without being limited by the number of roles available. The individual performances given by the children, whether spoken or sung, were quite stunning and the delight with which they executed the expertly choreographed songs was plain to see. To achieve such a high level of performance within 2 weeks of sitting their Common Entrance Exams was amazing. At Hazlegrove, we are determined that the stage should hold no fears and this group of 13 year olds certainly took to the stage with great confidence – for those who joined in the Reception class this would have been the ninth major production in the theatre during their time here. The show was a compilation monologues, sketches and songs which were put together by Head of Drama, Kimberley Arnold. The sketches included scenes taken from various Shakespeare plays, Oscar Wilde’s Importance of Being Ernest and Shaw’s Pygmallion (My Fair Lady) to the more recent Educating Rita. The songs included traditional music hall numbers such as Underneath the Arches to stirring songs from Mary Poppins and Matilda.
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