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New Headmaster at the helm

Published Thursday 4th of August 2016 11:01:43 AM

In the academic year September brings with it a time of new beginnings, a time to dust down the school bag, name new uniform and prepare for the first day of term, or for many, even the very first day at school or nursery. For The Blue Coat School, even after nearly 300 years, there are new beginnings too! This Autumn Term will see a new Head in charge as Mr Noel Neeson (40) moves up from St. Peter’s Prep School in Lympstone, Devon, as successor to Mr Alan Browning who is retiring after 34 years at Blue Coat, and a headship spanning some 18 years. Mr Neeson who has been described as a ‘forward thinker, man of faith and passionate about his pupils’ welfare and progress’, was the youngest Head in the country at the age of 28, and brings with him an exciting energy and innovation for curriculum development which has generated interest in schools around the country. Married to Juliet, herself a former Assistant Head, the Neesons have two children Bea (8) and Jasper (3) who will also be joining Blue Coat. Mr Neeson comments: 'I feel privileged to be the successor to Alan Browning, who has clearly done an outstanding job. I want to make Blue Coat a national leader in terms of high academic performance; a leading light in educational development with the children at the core of all we do. Three years in the maintained sector and seven in an independent school have probably mellowed me. They have undoubtedly provided me with the experience which will be invaluable in leading The Blue Coat School into and through its next chapter.'
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