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5-a-day challenge for Year 3

Published Monday 19th of September 2016 03:55:14 PM

Year 3 pupils have enjoyed visiting the school kitchen this week as part of their Healthy Eating programme in Science. Catering Manager, Mark Gladwin of Palmer Howells, gave the children a guided tour which explained how he and his staff prepare and cook food each day, ready to serve 570 children and 175 members of staff. The children were wide-eyed with amazement as they entered the dry store and compared the huge tins of beans and bags of pasta with the ones that they cooked with at home. In fact, they learnt that the weight of wholemeal pasta cooked on an average day would be heavier than their own bodyweight! That's not to mention the 30-35 loaves of bread used to make toast for morning break and sandwiches for after-care, and the 800 pieces of fruit, sliced and chopped for dessert. The children loved the giant dishwasher, which on a busy day can see up to 7000 items of crockery and cutlery pass through it. However, perhaps the highlight for all was the visit to the walk-in fridge which was big enough to fit in at least six children at a time and was considerably cooler than the temperature outside! Mr Gladwin emphasised that he and his team aim to provide a nutritious balanced menu and he encouraged the children not just to go to the salad bar but also to try the hot choices and to think about eating their five fruit or vegetables a day. He set them a challenge to complete a Food Diary with prizes to be awarded to the best efforts in maintaining a healthy diet over the next week. Good Luck Year 3!
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