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King Edward's Pupils' (Virtual) Trip Of A Lifetime

Published Monday 17th of October 2016 10:54:35 AM

Pupils at King Edward’s Witley were literally taken on the trip of a lifetime this week – when they were invited to trial Google’s new Virtual Reality software. New Head of Geography, Mr Thomas Campbell, arranged for Google to visit the School to demonstrate the company’s latest technology which allows users to embark upon tours of faraway places, ranging from outer space, the tropical rainforests or even the human body. The Virtual Reality expedition was open to Geography and Science students at the School, as well as children in years 5, 6 and 7 at Barrow Hills, King Edward’s sister school in Witley. Year 8 King Edward’s Witley pupil Luci said, “It’s been really fun having Google at King Edward’s, I got to learn about deforestation by actually seeing what happens! I think it’d be really cool to have the technology at school all the time.” Commenting on the initiative, Mr Campbell said, “As a School we strive to provide our students with access to, and experience of, the latest cutting edge technology to familiarise them with any emerging trends that are likely to shape the modern world. By establishing an early appreciation and understanding of the benefits of technology our pupils will be better placed to not only accept but fully embrace the future technological developments destined to affect their lives.”
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