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Amazing Donation to Malvern St James Girls' School's Fundraising Campaign

Published by Malvern St James Girls' School on Wednesday 9th of November 2016

Local playgroup Malvern Junior Gym has donated an amazing £3639 to Malvern Special Families, as part of Malvern St James Girls’ School’s 10th anniversary fundraising campaign to raise £10,000 for this local charity during the School’s birthday year. Malvern Junior Gym is an active playgroup for pre-school children that provides sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings at MSJ’s Sports and Fitness Centre. The playgroup is run by a team of local parents and is open to anyone in the community. Natalie Bennett and Jan Mitchell, who run the Junior Gym sessions, said, "We have heard so many wonderful stories about Malvern Special Families. To hear that MSJ are fundraising for them meant this was an obvious choice for us to donate our fees. We were delighted that our parents and careers were all extremely supportive of the choice of charity. We are a playgroup that allows babies and young children to be active and have fun and it is great to know that our fees will help other local children to do the same." Mrs Olivera Raraty, MSJ’s Headmistress, commented, “We’re absolutely thrilled that Malvern Junior Gym has chosen to support our fundraising partner with such a generous donation. Junior Gym has been part of the MSJ community for over 8 years and it is wonderful that they are supporting Malvern Special Families – another member of the MSJ community.”
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