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Dauntsey’s Performs a Fishy Tail

Published Thursday 1st of December 2016 02:29:57 PM

Pupils from Dauntsey’s Performing Polly Teale’s ‘Mermaid’ A group of twenty pupils from the fourth form up to the sixth form at Dauntsey’s has performed a striking production of Polly Teale’s ‘Mermaid’, an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘Little Mermaid’. The plot explores the character of ‘Blue’ who writes a modern fairy-tale as an escape from a life filled with insecurities. Elise Chambers, Teacher of Drama, Dauntsey’s said; “The pupils did a brilliant job of transporting the audience to the mermaid world, the experience being further enhanced by wonderful lighting, sound, set and costume design. “We were immersed in a watery world where the young actors cleverly conveyed a clear divide between the troubles on land versus the peace under the water.’’ Notes to Editors: For further information about Dauntsey’s and its Drama programme, please go to www.dauntseys.org or follow us on Twitter at Drama at Dauntsey’s@DramatDauntseys
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