Ratcliffe College Top 09/02/22

Confident public speaking by Year 7 pupils

Published Wednesday 4th of January 2017 04:13:03 PM

Eight finalists battled it out for the coveted Year 7 'Speak Out' shield and the Pupils’ Favourite award. The audience was treated to an insight into the world of high jumpers and parkour practitioners, was taken on a journey into history with the Olympics and the Battle of D-Day and learned about the secret language of Back Slang spoken in one young finalist’s family. In the end, the overall winner of the shield was Mariia for her confidently delivered and interesting talk on Russia whilst the Pupils’ Favourite was jointly announced as both Artem, for his thought-provoking talk on the world in 100 years, and our EAL (English as an Additional Language) finalist, Asunta, for her insightful talk on her family’s annual holiday destination, the Spanish town of Cadiz.
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