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Year 8 play is Totally Awesome

Published Wednesday 11th of January 2017 09:01:22 AM

With only six weeks of intense rehearsals, the talented Year 8 pupils of Hazelwood School brought the house down with their presentation of Totally Over You, a topical play about the perils and pitfalls of chasing after celebrity status. For many of the audience, the performance took them back to the days of their first romance and unfulfilled ambitions against a backdrop of music and retro-fashion. Set in a classroom, the play charted the changing status of a group of boys who, having been dumped by girlfriends in search of A list boyfriends, get their own back by forming a boy band. Called Awesome, the band becomes the next best thing in pop music and presents the boys with a series of difficult decisions, challenging friendships. The spotlight was turned, as well as on the articulate and animated cast, on the world of celebrity culture, the pitfalls and the temptations of shooting to fame and fortune. There were many fantastic performances and cameo appearances, the most entertaining of all were the stage side dancing of Jack G playing the band’s manager and the geeky drama group’s alter egos as celebrity stylists, photographers and wardrobe assistants. The cast are to be applauded on their A-star performance and on their unanimous decisions to continue with their education and to leave chasing the limelight for later on in life.
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