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Culford Pupils Explore the Brain

Published Monday 30th of January 2017 01:55:33 PM

On Thursday 11 March, pupils from the Fifth and Sixth Form enjoyed a lecture by Dr Guy Sutton from Medical Biology Interactive, on the human brain. Pupils explored a variety of mental disorders (with a particular focus on schizophrenia), abnormalities in brain development, up and coming discoveries in the field of neurobionics and epigenetics, and a fascinating sheep’s brain dissection. Pupils, Caitlyn Shrewsbury (L5) and Isabel Whyte (L5) reveal more below… “We began the session with ‘The Shattered Mind: trichotillomania and schizophrenia’ and how schizophrenics interact with the world. We were enthralled, if not a bit terrified. We also learned about how drugs can affect the brain, causing abnormal brain growth and hindering development. Following that, Dr. Sutton gave us a brief crash course in the different parts of the brain before we began our dissection. The dissection of the sheep’s brain was educational in many ways and made our previous discoveries more applicable. Once we had all recovered our stomachs, we learnt about new advances in genetic research, primarily in rats. We ended the session with a basic overview of neurobionics and how they are used to assist amputees and allowing them to live a more normal life. Thank you to to Dr. Sutton for giving us a wonderful experience that broadened our horizons for the better.”
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