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Girls get SET

Published Monday 20th of March 2017 09:51:11 PM

In mid-November, Pipers Corner hosted the first STEM Activity Day for the GE Healthcare “Girls Get SET” Scheme, which encourages girls to become more involved in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET). The objective of the GE Healthcare Scheme is to generate awareness of the wealth of opportunities available to young people if they consider a future career in the Science, Engineering and Technology sector. 10 girls from Year 8 were selected to take part in the day, along with 10 girls from Holmer Green Senior School and Chesham Grammar School. The girls were introduced to the Scheme and were told what to expect from the project over the next 12 months. For this first session the girls were split into six groups to work together on a variety of different tasks. The first task was to name the different types of job roles within the Healthcare profession - with the winning group able to name 68. After a brief talk about the biology of cells, the girls then chose a specialised cell which they had to create a 3D model of using craft supplies. In the afternoon, the girls had an introduction to DNA and again were challenged to create a 3D model and present their creation to the group. These activities and short presentations provided a brilliant way for the group to learn more about Science and help them understand the different roles they could pursue in the future.
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