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Science Week Comes to Malvern St James

Published by Malvern St James Girls' School on Thursday 23rd of March 2017

Girls at Malvern St James Girls’ School took part in a variety of workshops, lectures and activities as part of this year’s British Science Week. Dome in a dome Years 7 to 9 had an exciting time discovering all about the solar system and black holes when a visiting planetarium came to MSJ. It was rather fitting that the dome planetarium was set up inside MSJ’s very own Edinburgh Dome! “I really enjoyed the Science Dome and learnt so much! The 3D effects were very cool and I loved flying around the solar system and learning about the stars and their names. I particularly enjoyed the rollercoaster through Saturn’s rings and the black hole clip! My favourite thing about the experience was the fact we were in a dome and it felt like things were happening all around us. It was amazing and I would love to do it again as I love learning in new and exciting ways.” Cicely Gallagher (Year 8) Year 10 Oxford Engineering Workshop Oxford University’s Engineering Department Outreach Officer brought a team of female engineers to deliver hands-on workshops for all girls in Year 10. The main purpose was to improve the girls’ understanding of the variety of different roles that engineers take in our society. The workshops were also to encourage our girls to consider careers in engineering by providing positive role models. The session focused on applying the techniques of origami to engineer structures with increased strength, or to be deployed in situations such as for solar panels in space or constructing emergency shelters for refugees. “It was really interesting to learn that the origami structures could be used in space. Making the structures was fun and a new experience. It showed me more about the different types of engineering that exist. I found the afternoon exciting and very enjoyable.” Millie Pope (Year 10) The Big Bang On 20th March, MSJ welcomed Professor David Evans of the University of Birmingham, who gave a lecture entitled: Recreating the Big Bang with the world’s largest machine - the LHC at CERN. The lecture attracted over 200 visitors to the School, who learnt about virtual particles, high energy physics, recapped about atoms and forces, as well as finding out about anti-matter. Daisy Jauncey (Year 12) commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed learning about how we use the LHC to discover what happened a billionth of a second after the Big Bang!” Bubbles and a gecko Girls in the Prep Department enjoyed taking part in Science Week with a fabulous workshop with one of MSJ’s Senior School Science teachers over in the Science Lab. The girls had fun trying to make bubbles and learning about surface tension. Everyone was very excited to meet Sahara the gecko too. Design Technology Morning MSJ welcomed a number of schools – Dormer House School, Hanley Swan C of E Primary School, Hatherop Castle Prep School, Ashperton Academy and Ruckleigh School to a Design Technology Day. Pupils enjoyed taking part in projects on the subjects of Graphics, Resistant Materials, Food and Nutrition and Textiles.
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