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Pupils Examined in the RADA Shakespeare Awards

Published Friday 5th of May 2017 10:06:17 AM

Culford School took part in the prestigious RADA Shakespeare Awards for the first time this month. Working in partnership with RADA, Culford pupils have studied well-known passages of Shakespeare to deepen their understanding of the text and improve upon their performance skills. The RADA Shakespeare Awards focus on the classical acting skills of the individual pupil and are unique in giving pupils who take the awards dynamic “in-the-room” one-to-one feedback. This means that pupils have a chance to work alongside a RADA practitioner and can immediately action the suggestions made. Examiner Matthew Bannister came to Culford and the feedback from all the pupils has been overwhelmingly positive. One pupil said, “the experience felt like less of an exam and more of an engaging, inspiring discussion and workshop. We have all thoroughly enjoyed the process of being involved”. Pupils will continue to study this aspect of Shakespeare a very practical way and we look forward to welcoming back more staff from RADA to continue our relationship with this outstanding academy.
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