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Prep Pupils Performance of Lost in Time was a Great Success

Published Friday 5th of May 2017 10:17:27 AM

Pupils from Culford Prep School entertained audiences at the end of term over three nights with their production of Lost in Time. 85 pupils from Second and Third Form took the audience on an imaginative journey to key historical dates where the villainous Pheonix, played by Emma Stow (U3), was trying to change the past with the help of her minion, Cyber, played by Harry Wakefield (L3). Her aim? To bring about a new future which she could control. As in all good futuristic fictions, time finds a way to defend itself. Seemingly by chance, Di Star, played by Holly Reynolds (U3), travelled back through time with her nerdy sidekick Arthur Price, played by Aaron Goodman (L3). They used the spare clock face of Big Ben in order to foil the Pheonix' plans. Each scene brought a whole range of historical and colourful characters, weaving together well delivered dramatic events with touches of humour along the way. The Robot Chorus added great pace, and pupils strong delivery of some classic pop songs with words tweaked, helped reinforce the story. Pupils worked very hard maintaining the energy and enthusiasm needed through their singing and choreography, whilst the backstage team got to work on changing the sets. The backstage team performed their roles with precision, delivering some great special effects with the use of smoke, lighting, pyrotechnics and sound. Jason Calvert, Head of Prep School Drama, said: ‘’Every production is a journey which builds confidence in each of the students who takes part, but more importantly, helps the pupils understand the importance each of them have in making the performance a success. There is a real sense of community which builds when working on productions and one of the best things I saw was not on the stage, but behind it. Just after the final curtain as I went backstage the pupils were cheering each other, congratulating each other and genuinely sharing in their achievement together.’’ We look forward to more fantastic productions in the future at Culford.
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