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Pupils Enjoy Trip to France

Published Friday 5th of May 2017 10:37:32 AM

Prep School pupils enjoyed their School trip to France over the Easter break. The pupils visited historic World War burial grounds, the infamous Mont Saint-Michel and engaged in a variety of fun activities over the weeklong trip. Charlie Hollingsworth (U2) and Tilly-Miller Comrie (U2) have given us their thoughts on the trip below. French Trip 2017, ‘Château de la Baudonnière’ By Charlie Hollingsworth The boat and coach journeys were calm and we had plenty of time to explore the boat. I really enjoyed the day out to the D-Day landing beaches and Mont Saint-Michel; one of the scenes in Harry Potter was filmed here, which made the visit even more exciting. We were accompanied by an Animateurs from the Chateau called Guillaume who was very nice and explained lots of different things to us. The Animateurs taught us various French vocabulary related to the activities we were doing. We had a go at archery, fencing, assault courses, aero-ball, bread making, initiative exercises and French lessons. After dinner each evening we had another activity which included a French dressing up night where the teachers dressed up too! The food was amazing and if you ran out of anything, for example bread, you could go to the kitchen door and were encouraged by the chefs to ask for some more in French. On two of the days before the afternoon activities started, we had the opportunity to do cider making which was great fun and we were also allowed into the Château’s farm to feed the turkeys, chickens and their two pigs. We also had a chance to visit the animal nursery that had lots of cute rabbits and baby chinchillas, which we were allowed to hold. The white one was called Bubbles. This was the most amazing trip! Upper Second French Trip 2017 by Tilly Miller-Comrie We were all very excited when we met at school early on Sunday 26th March. We boarded the coach to Portsmouth to join the ferry to Caen, France. On-board the ferry we had fun - we explored, went shopping, and enjoyed the on-board activities which included the limbo, disco and dinner. We arrived at the Chateau very late and we were all very tired but when we got there we were welcomed by steaming Chocolat Chaud(hot chocolate) and very friendly and squawky parrot. We were placed into our dorms, which were named after the animals on the chateau farm. When we woke the next morning, we were excited for the day ahead. In the evening we had a sports tournament which everyone threw themselves into.On Tuesday we had our history day. We went to the Bayeaux Tapestry, which was amazing but extremely long! We then went to the 360 cinema and landing beaches of Arromanches. We saw an amazing film of the World War II D-Day landings, which showed us the war planes, tanks and ships. After this we went to the American Cemetery, the atmosphere made us feel sad but proud and we walked around silently and thoughtfully. In the evening after our French dinner, we had a treasure hunt around the massive gardens of the chateau. On Wednesday it was our French evening where we all dressed up in classic berets and moustaches and other unique French outfits. It was hilarious! On Thursday we went to the market where we had to shop whilst speaking in French; we all bought lots of wacky and fun presents. We had a picnic and then drove to the historical Mont St Michel, which was fascinating to learn about. Thursday evening was the best night. We had our talent show, which was rather interesting with a large mix of acts; some amazing, and some rather different. On Friday, our last day, we took part in lots of activities in the lovely sunshine around the grounds of the Chateau, and in the evening we had our goodbye campfire. The trip was such a great success and we will all have so many lovely memories to cherish. Merci to all the teachers and the chateau staff for making it so special!
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