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Hazlegrove Year 5 enter the 'Grimm' world of Grovelhaze

Published Friday 26th of May 2017 04:40:39 PM

The Hazlegrove Year 5 children were transported to the parallel world of Grovelhaze for their play. Trapped there, they were forced to perform Grimm tales to entertain the evil dukes... and a theatre packed with family and friends! Little did they know what a treat they had in store for them when Hazlegrove Year 5 first heard about their production. One of their teachers, Miss Rudd, had created a wonderful narrative as a backdrop to their performing a series of four of the Grimms tales. Taking a wrong turning in the woods during an outdoor education lesson, the children were transported down a secret passage to the parallel world of Grovelhaze. Once there, they were forced to act out tales by the evil Dukes Barnes and Birch. The children duly performed their tales of The Musicians of Bremen, The Elves and the Shoemaker, The White Snake and The Wolf and the Kids. However, some ingenious plotting allowed them to eject the evil Dukes from Grovelhaze for evermore. Fortunately, Year 5 teachers Mr Barnes and Mr Birch have since been spotted safe and well back in their classrooms. Lines were delivered with excellent clarity and expression, with every child having multiple moments to shine; many juggling several parts. A dash of some modified lyrics to classic 70s and 80s tunes (complete with shoulder shimming and ‘the worm’) added to the entertainment. The enjoyment of both the children and audience was clear to behold; the buzz from all electric! Well done to all of the budding Year 5 thespians who are also now safely back in the real world of Hazlegrove.
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