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Continental cafe created at ACS Cobham

Published Wednesday 7th of June 2017 03:13:55 PM

Students at ACS Cobham International School this week enjoyed an immersive language learning experience at a specially created ‘language café’. To celebrate the school’s diversity of languages and cultures, the café encouraged children to converse and learn phrases in Spanish, German, Hindi, Norwegian and Swedish, alongside facts and information about the countries and their cultures. The school library was converted into the European-style café, with Italian background music and snacks from around the world. “With help from the school’s dedicated Native Language programme teachers and parent volunteers, the dynamic language exchange exercise encouraged students to immerse themselves in different cultures; practising and teaching languages they already know, and becoming familiar with new ones, as well as tasting cultural cuisine,” said Anne Hollyfield, ACS Cobham Middle School Teacher-Librarian. "This is the fourth year we’ve organised the Language Café and it is always a fun and engaging way for students to get involved with language and cultural exchange. “The weather was brilliant so it really did have a European cafe feel out on the library patio - a student even put together an Italian music playlist!” Izabela Komisarska, English as an Additional Language teacher at ACS Cobham, added: “We are so lucky to have a diverse school community and the Language Café is a fantastic way to celebrate our array of wonderful languages and cultures. We’re looking forward to next year already!”
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