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Warwick Field

Published Monday 19th of June 2017 03:50:57 PM

On Sunday morning the Chapel service at Warwick School celebrated the ‘Warwick Field.’ The ‘Field’ is an art installation that comprises over 1,200 individual clay figures. Viewed alone they are charming but solitary. Seen together they celebrate what it is to be a part of a community showing diversity, tolerance, understanding and democracy. Inspired by the British Sculptor Sir Antony Gormley (creator of the Angel of the North) the majority of the school community, staff and student alike, had the opportunity to make a figure so the installation truly represents the diversity that Warwick School celebrates as part of its own institution. The sculptures currently reside side by side in the Chapel, looking out towards the spectator but will be moved to various locations around the school site for the next few months.
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