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ACS Egham students return from sight saving mission in Vietnam

Published Tuesday 18th of July 2017 10:13:09 AM

ACS Egham International School students, Sonia Ali, aged 17, and Charline Muller, aged 17, have recently returned from a journalism internship in Vietnam’s Hue Province with global sight-saving charity, Orbis. The internship was designed to help generate awareness amongst young people of Orbis’s work, as well as encouraging students to engage with crucial world health issues. During their time in Vietnam, five students from ACS International Schools reported on the medical and community work supported by Orbis by posting regular blogs, photos, and social media updates. They will also be making a short film covering visits to the homes of children who’d had eye operations. Orbis works globally to transform lives in developing countries by providing the skills, resources and knowledge needed to deliver accessible quality eye care and eliminate avoidable blindness. The ACS International Schools Foundation has been a valued partner since 2000, sponsoring ACS pupils to undertake this demanding internship. On their trip, the students visited Hue Eye Hospital and Hue Central Hospital to meet with doctors and nurses and learn about paediatric eye services. Interviewing parents and observing children’s eye surgeries gave the students a real insight into Orbis’s fascinating work. The students also spent a day at the Friends of Hue Foundation Children’s Shelter to experience a community eye care screening, and also spent time with surgery patients and their families who had been treated within the local hospital. Sonia Ali, student at ACS Egham International School, said: “There are 1.57 million people in Vietnam who are suffering from vision impairment or blindness. I don’t think I fully understood the true meaning of this number until I saw how poor eye sight can impact people with my own two eyes. “Witnessing both the stark reality of visual impairment and the impact of Orbis’s work by saving sight and transforming lives has broadened my perspective and inspired me to make a difference in the lives of others.” Sonia and Charline were joined on the trip by three other ACS students, Ife Owoeye from ACS Cobham International School; Julie Lestrup from ACS Hillingdon International School; and Louise Danielle Aurelia from ACS Doha International School. Kathryn Sweet, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Orbis UK, commented: “ACS International Schools have partnered with Orbis UK for the 14th year to provide their students with a fantastic opportunity to see the world differently. Five outstanding candidates were selected for their ability to connect with our work and capture engaging stories, photos and videos which will educate others on their experience. They did a fantastic job and threw themselves into the task at hand. Orbis is extremely grateful for this partnership with ACS as their support is even greater than their generous financial donation, which now exceeds £410,000, as their students continue to enthuse countless others to join the fight against avoidable blindness.” In previous years, students have embarked on Orbis internships in many countries, including India, the Philippines, Panama and Mongolia. To read the students’ blogs about their time in Vietnam, visit:
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