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Year 4 focus on wellness during Healthy Eating Week

Published Wednesday 9th of August 2017 03:24:21 PM

Pupils in Year 4 are learning about health and wellness for their unit on ‘How Humans Work’. They’re looking at how to keep their teeth healthy and did a disclosing tablet test to see if they’ve really have been brushing as well as we could be. The pupils also got the chance to take part in a St. John’s Ambulance first aid training course. They learnt to deal with common hazards such as choking, burns and what to do if you find someone unresponsive. To add to their focus on health, the pupils also got involved with Healthy Eating Week. They made some ‘peasy cheesy canapes’ and tested some water infused with strawberries, lime and lemon, mint and ginger and cucumber. By the end of the session they knew that keeping hydrated, eating a rainbow of fruit and vegetables daily and eating breakfast every morning, not to mention doing some exercise, would all help them to grow up into super healthy adults.
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