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ACS Cobham celebrates 'World Language Day'

Published Wednesday 4th of October 2017 05:16:32 PM

ACS Cobham International School students, aged ten-fourteen, celebrated World Language Day on September 29, by creating a special language café in the school’s library. Parents joined students during break time to converse in a variety of different languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Mandarin – to name a few. Students also shared information sheets they had made on different countries and cultures. Robert Crowther, the Middle School Principal at ACS Cobham, commented: “With over forty nationalities represented in the school, World Language Day provides an excellent opportunity for pupils to explore a variety of languages together. Working day-to-day with peers from different backgrounds helps them forge an appreciation of other cultures and develop life skills such as communication and collaboration. This also helps prepare students to be able to live and work anywhere in the world.” Students and staff commemorated the day by wearing colours from their national flags, and created a ‘celebration of language’ board, recording the number of languages spoken within ACS Cobham.
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