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Cobham Hall Girls Protect 240 acres with Rainforest Trust UK

Published Thursday 5th of October 2017 02:54:04 PM

Cobham Hall girls were excited this week to discover that a fundraising non-uniform day held at the end of the Summer Term, in aid of Rainforest Trust UK, resulted in an amazing 240 acres of critical rainforest habitat being protected. Towards the end of the Summer Term, Cobham Hall’s newly elected Student Leadership Team hosted their first fundraising event: a non-uniform day. For a donation of £1, girls could come to school in the chosen theme of ‘Blast from the Past’. Explaining the theme, Head Girl Lille Dunn said, “We wanted to choose a theme that would be easy to participate in, and so many styles have come back into fashion recently.” Upon returning to School in the Autumn Term, the girls were shocked to discover just what the money they raised meant. Revealed by Headmistress Dr Sandra Coates-Smith during a recent assembly, the girls were astonished to find out their donation will help protect an incredible 240 acres of rainforest. Chris Redston, Chairman of Rainforest Trust UK, said, "We are delighted to have the support of Cobham Hall and would like to congratulate the girls on a very successful fundraising event. It is very encouraging to see the younger members of our society taking such a keen interest in rainforest protection, and we hope that they will continue to play their part in protecting endangered species around the world." The Student Leadership Team’s first event held true to Cobham Hall’s Round Square ethos, from the fundraising nature of the day itself, to how the benefitting charity was chosen, and the charity selected. “We decided to give the girls the opportunity to choose which charity they would like the proceeds raised to go to, as democracy is one of the Round Square IDEALS,” explained Lillie. “We presented three different charities to the girls, and the Rainforest Trust UK won the most votes. We included this charity as we wanted to represent a range of different charities to the girls. In addition, we felt it was fitting as Cobham Hall is very eco-friendly and promotes environmentalism, again one of the IDEALS.”
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