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Pupils explore wide-ranging topics in EPQ presentations

Published Monday 23rd of October 2017 11:44:12 AM

Three Upper Sixth pupils presented their Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) projects to pupils and staff last week. Exploring a variety of topics, Aidan Nicholls, Kitty Snaydon and Scarlett Manzoni looked at time travel, the Millfield Swimming programme and architectural design to withstand natural disasters. Aidan asked ‘Is time travel possible?’ and explored the theoretical possibility of both backwards and forwards time travel. As part of his research, Aidan investigated the theory, economics and engineering required to travel both forward and backwards in time. Supported by his EPQ supervisor and Millfield’s Physics Department, he examined the work of pre-eminent physicists, arriving at his own conclusions about the feasibility of time travel and which areas are most promising for further research. Kitty Snaydon used her own experience as a long term member of the Millfield Swimming programme to devise an introductory guide for new swimmers at Millfield. She conducted a number of interviews with current Millfield swimmers to create the guide. Kitty selected her material and then organised it in a clear and accessible way to meet the needs of her target audience. Scarlett Manzoni used her experience of visiting the Philippines as a child as inspiration for her project, coupled with her interest in reading architecture at university. Scarlett researched how to design a house to withstand the natural disasters which frequently afflict the islands. She presented a number of fully realised architectural designs and evaluated the effectiveness of each.
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