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Extreme adventurer inspires pupils at King Edward's

Published Monday 27th of November 2017 03:05:13 PM

Charlie Walker, former travel journalist, spoke to pupils and staff at King Edward’s Witley on Thursday 16 November about his extraordinary journey through the sub-zero temperatures of the Russian Arctic and the blistering heat of Kazakhstan ending at the Bosporus Strait in Istanbul as he and his friend Callie Morgigno tracked the 9,0000km perceived border between Europe and Asia. Mr Walker told of the gruelling physical and mental challenges they faced skiing, kayaking and cycling through five countries in 9 months. Along the way they were imprisoned in South Ossetia for a short time after they made an honest mistake of being lost on the wrong side of a border but endured to successively complete the adventure 4 weeks ago. Commenting after the lecture Alex (Yr 11) said “Listening to [his] amazing story I felt really inspired by the bravery and strength of character he must have had. It’s amazing what people can achieve.” Commenting on his visit to King Edward’s, Mr Walker said “I really enjoyed speaking to the pupils and answering their varied and intellectual questions. It was wonderful to witness the enthusiasm and interest in my journey and I hope that this might go some way to demonstrating the importance of attributes such as ambition, perseverance and determination to enable an individual to achieve some sense of self-fulfilment in life.” Mr Walker is currently writing a book about his previous adventures cycling 43,000 miles through Europe, Asia and Africa. For more details of Mr Walker’s expeditions or to sponsor him, visit
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