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Millfield launches EAGLES programme with joint Christmas production

Published Thursday 14th of December 2017 12:05:17 PM

Millfield launched its new Sixth Form EAGLES programme this term, giving Millfield pupils the opportunity to work with local, national and international communities, through volunteering, leading, and participating in a wide variety of projects. The programme, which was created by Millfield’s Head of Sixth Form, Chantal Bowring, aims to promote altruism through service to others and also as an opportunity for Sixth Formers to receive bronze, silver and gold EAGLES awards in recognition of their efforts, presented at the end of year Summer Celebrations. One of the key projects this term has been working with local schoolchildren on a drama, media and music production. St Dunstan’s School in Glastonbury, along with Sixth Form drama pupils devised a modern version of the Charles Dickens classic, ‘A Christmas Carol’. Seventy-five Year 3 pupils from Elmhurst Junior School also performed a Carol Concert with Millfield music pupils. Under the umbrella of the EAGLES acronym, members of Millfield’s Sixth Form programme will partake in leadership projects on Emerging Adults, Activity, Global Awareness, Leadership, Environment and Service. Through these various opportunities, pupils will learn a range of skills, such as interview techniques, resilience and stewardship. Our Sixth Form pupils can further develop their leadership skills by mentoring local schoolchildren and working with local care homes and animal sanctuaries. The collaboration with Elmhurst and St Dunstan’s offers Millfield Sixth Former’s experience under the programme’s Leadership and Service sections of the EAGLES framework, as well as promoting goodwill in our local community. Lower Sixth pupil, Rufus Lewis, says, “It was fantastic to be able to inspire the children from Elmhurst to take part in creative projects, particularly the boys, who initially had thought singing wasn’t ‘cool’. We have adored spending time with them and seeing their singing skills improve. I don’t know what we can’t take back from it.” Millfield Head of Sixth Form, Chantal Bowring says, “In our pupils, I have seen a development and a growth in confidence. The EAGLES are taking the leadership experience they have learned to lead their own activities. It is of great benefit to them, and we are delighted to see the relationship between our three schools grow.” Learn more about the EAGLES programme and watch some of the joint rehearsals for the Christmas production here.
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