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Forest School Highlights

Published Thursday 22nd of February 2018 01:59:21 PM

Our younger children have continued to participate in Forest School activities with excitement and enthusiasm. At the end of the Autumn Term, they all helped organise our new Forest School site, deciding where to put our base camp and digging area and helping decide on a name for the new site. Everyone in the Early Years voted for their favourite name and the winner (with almost half the votes) was the Rainbow Leaf Woodland. We celebrated this with our first kelly kettle fire in the woodland, enjoying hot chocolate and singing carols around the little fire. Apart from learning so much about fire safety, it was a great way to end the term! In the first week back after Christmas break, the Nursery children went on a treasure hunt. Using clues to find scarves that were hidden around the school by Ozzy the squirrel, the children had to lead the adults and their peers to a location and hunt for the scarf. We soon realised there was often more than one route to each place. We have learnt a little bit about compost and how it is made with the help of our friend, the wiggly worm and the children eagerly had a go at peeling carrots to put in the compost bin for the worms to help turn into compost. We hope this will be ready in the Summer Term for planting seeds and feeding plants around the school. Continuing to care for the minibeasts, we decided to build some minibeast hotels. Using the loppers to cut some bamboo sticks, and using palm drills to hollow them out, they were strapped together with sticks and leaves and left in the woodland in the hope they’ll make good homes for our bug friends. The Reception children have had a chance to safely use a knife to cut some apple pieces for the squirrels. They used the palm drills to make holes in the apples and thread them onto twine to hang from a tree. The tricky part came when we had to sit quietly and wait patiently inside our den to see if any squirrels would come. Sadly only one squirrel came but scampered off after spotting us. However, it was great fun building the den as a team, discussing and deciding how to do it using only ropes, sticks and tarpaulin. All of this along with the usual Forest School activities of bug hunting, digging in the mud, playing tug of war and hide and seek, building dens, making bird feeders, learning to tie knots, jumping in muddy puddles, using tools, making woodland crafts and dressing the trees to say thank you! It is a difficult time of year to stay warm but the excitement of what could happen outdoors means the children are always keen to join in the fun.
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