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Aldwickbury Celebrates 70 years!

Published Tuesday 17th of April 2018 11:31:40 AM

It was around seventy years ago when the grand family mansion, Aldwickbury, came up for sale and was identified as being suitable as a school house. Despite initial gloomy forecasts that Alwickbury was too big for a school and would surely fail, now, 70 years on, the school is still around and is as successful as ever, confounding those earlier prophets of doom. It was Kenneth Castle and Brian Chidell who took the chance to move Lea House, their small school, into the much larger premises at Aldwickbury. This act, along with the dedication of Castle and Chidell, not only ensured that the school survived but that it began to flourish. Over the years that followed, there has been much building work and various headmasters, all working towards the same goal to improve the school for its staff and boys creating more modern facilities for efficiency and learning. "Those early days of Aldwickbury were immensely happy and I owe a great deal to a school which gave me such a good academic grounding and, more importantly, taught me about kindness, good manners and my responsibilities as a good citizen. In these respects, Aldwickbury has not changed at all.” Old Boy 1945 - 49 These days, there are 370 boys in the School (with around 50 boys enjoying our flexible boarding). Changes continue apace and we pride ourselves on our high-quality teaching, our deep understanding and knowledge of how boys learn, and our values which permeate every aspect of School life. Some things just don't change and at Aldwickbury the values of kindness, good manners and respect for others are still very much in evidence.
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